Joe was born and raised in Shanghai, China. He moved to Vancouver, Canada at age of 17 and started working in restaurant kitchens during his college years when his passion was in painting and photography. After graduating with a BFA from University of British Columbia, he started his own sushi restaurant with a college friend, where he found his life’s passion became both art and cooking. In 2014, Joe took a trip to Italy and immediately fell in love with Italian cooking and amazed how culture parallels. He was lucky enough to find a job under a renowned local chef in a Toscana wine town in exchange for his Asian skills. At there, he found the bridge between Italian and Japanese culinary traditions from the elements that unite them: simplicity, freshness, and quality. In 2016, Joe relocated to San Francisco with his wife Sherry and Pesce e Riso opened its door in summer of 2017. Based on his experience in Japanese kitchen and Toscana, and the life in California, Joe develops his own cooking philosophy: to respect the ingredients and use your skills to let the food speaks for itself. You may find Joe and his teammates in the mornings of the farmers markets in San Francisco to source the finest and freshest local ingredients.

Luca was born and raised in Milano Italy. He moved to the United States in 2002. After obtaining a certified level 3 from Italian Association of Sommelier, Luca started his career of sommelier at Ristorante Il Perugino in San Juan Puerto Rico. After seven years as sommelier and Food & Beverage Manager at Fern Restaurant of Jean Georges in The St. Regis Hotel Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico, he moved to San Francisco when he started working in The St. Regis Hotel San Francisco. Luca was the General Manager of Dominique Crenn's Bar Crenn before he joined Pesce e Riso in summer of 2018.



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These are some of our sources:

Water 2 Table (San Francisco, CA)

Flannery Beef (Richmond, CA )

Dirty Girl Produce (Santa Cruz, CA )

Marin Roots Farm (San Francisco, CA)

Hidden Star Orchards (Linden, CA )

Iacopi Frams (Half Moon Bay, CA)

Heirloom Organic Gardens (Hollister, CA)


Design by: Joe’s wife Sherry

These are some of our sources:

Wood table top & bar counter top: Heritage Salvage (Petaluma, CA)

Lighting: Vintage Handmade Pendant lights (Toscana, Italy)

Public Glass (San Francisc0, CA)




Artwork by: Joe Lin

Joe's passion in the arts started from his childhood. He focuses most of his exploration in Post-Modernism painting and narrative photography. Joe has made a series of works about social criticism and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts.